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Consul Bragagni launched his new book at the Bayes Business School

Consul Bragagni in his other capacity as Bayes Business School alumni and Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow, had the pleasure of returning back to the auditorium. This time, he delivered a presentation on family business and launched his new book entitled “Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Mastering the Art of Family Business Success“.

Prof Bragagni’s new book is a reflection of his 47 years of experience working within a family business: 20 years simply as a member of a family with a business, and another 27 within the business. 

The event took place on July 3rd 2023 under the auspices of Prof Ajay Bhalla, Professor of Family Business and Innovation at the Faculty of Management. The auditorium was fully packed with Bayes students, academic staff, business representatives, and London City officials. The Consul General of Italy to the UK, HE Domenico Bellantone, was also present.

Consul Bragagni started his presentation by emphasizing the important role that family businesses all around the world play in the global economy. Indeed, families are behind some of the most famous and successful businesses in the world and he made t clear that anyone who believes these businesses are an easy ride for any family member was deeply mistaken.

Then he shared with the audience some insights on why did he choose to join the family business, Tratos, a company with strong social corporate responsibility and a sole mission of investing in some of the most deprived regions of Italy and the UK. He elaborated on what were the challenges during the first 12 months upon joining the family business, what challenges he encountered at different stages of his career at the family and business level, and emphasized the need for a proper business structure and successful succession planning. 

In the end, Consul Bragagni provided some advice to the next generation planning to join the family business – both at the family and business levels. He enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the audience in a lively session of questions and answers and gifted his book, along with a dedication, to the students and other participants.