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Permanent Representation to IMO

The Republic of San Marino joined the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2002 as its 162nd member.

The IMO is the United Nations Specialized Agency responsible for the safety of shipping and the prevention of maritime pollution by vessels at sea.

The Republic of San Marino has ratified all major maritime international conventions. Most recently, the San Marino Ship Register stepped into an active role in the maritime sector, launching the registration of pleasure and commercial vessels to an international audience.

The Registry operates by the highest standards of compliance with national and international regulations for the safety of navigation. Moreover, registration in San Marino offers advantageous taxation regimes and competitive pricing tailored to different target customers.

Admiral Giampaolo Bensaia

Permanent Representative to the IMO

On 9 November 2021, the Republic of San Marino appointed Admiral Giampaolo Bensaia as the new Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), after the country established its new international shipping registry in 2021.

Admiral Bensaia worked as the Maritime Attaché at the Italian Embassy in London from 2016 to 2019, as well as Alternate Representative to the IMO, IMSO and IOPC funds. In his 36 years as an Officer in the Italian Coast Guard, he worked on the safety of navigation, marine environment, SAR, piracy, international maritime law, and as an international cooperation expert on European projects for port and maritime administrations.