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Economic Development Agency & Chamber of Commerce

The San Marino Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce is a joint-stock company with mixed public and private capital, held for 51% by the State of San Marino and for 49% by trade associations (ANIS, UNAS, OSLA, USOT and USC), banks (Cassa di Risparmio, Banca di San Marino, Banca Agricola Commerciale and Banca CIS) and the University of San Marino.

Their offices are located inside the Centro Fiorina building, 4th floor.

San Marino Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce
Address: Strada di Paderna, 2
ZIP: 47895
Fiorina di Domagnano (Republic of San Marino)

Tel. +39 0549 980380
Fax + 39 0549 944554
International code +378
info@agency.sm – www.agency.sm

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San Marino Innovation Institute

San Marino Innovation

Republic of San Marino Innovation Institute supports the new legislation on innovation “Provisions on High Technology Enterprises” with the will to promote a new entrepreneurial culture devoted to innovation in the Republic, supporting employment in key sectors for economic development, fostering a more solid capacity to attract foreign talent and capital and strengthen the links between institutions and the business fabric.

San Marino Innovation Institute offers great assistance to individuals, startups, and company spin-offs that want to share resources and skills to research specific technologies.

Do you want to open a high-tech enterprise in San Marino? The right next step is to contact directly San Marino Innovation.

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