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Issuance or renewal of San Marino passport

You must be a San Marino citizen to apply for a passport and must be formally resident in the UK.

Prior to applying for a passport, please ensure that your birth certificate has been formally registered with the San Marino Civil Registry Office.

In case your birth certificate is NOT registered in San Marino, the original birth certificate (legalised with apostille and with Italian translation) must be presented with your passport application.

You need to fill in and sign the application form:

If you have a specific case on obtaining/renewing your San Marino citizenship, please write to us an email with specific questions that you might have and we will send to you instructions and the proper forms to fill in.

For adults, it is required to provide the document of criminal record (legalised & translated in Italian).

Please include the appropriate payment receipt with your application package, in accordance with the payment instructions.

The actual fees are:

  • Passport for adults and children above 14 years old – € 100
  • Passport for children 3-14 years old – € 50
  • Passport for children 0-3 years old – € 30
  • Shipping cost to Europe for each passport-  € 10 

Please include your expired passport and 2 passport size photographs, ICAO format. If your passport has been lost or stolen, you must also submit a Lost/Stolen Report from the local police and another form of identity. If possible, please provide a photocopy of your lost or stolen passport.

If you are applying for your first San Marino passport, you must submit a legalised copy of your San Marino identity card or a VALID passport issued by a foreign government.

Please note, for children, a copy of a valid document (passport or identity card) of both parents must be attached with the application package.

Please mail all the original documents to:

Consulate of the Republic of San Marino
Baird House
15-17 Saint Cross Street
EC1N 8UW – United Kingdom

Notice: Please be informed that in case of incorrect or incomplete documentation, your application will not be processed.

If the documentation is complete and correct and the application can be processed, please be aware that ORIGINAL documents will not be returned.

The Consulate may return the original documentation to those who will request such service and after having received by the applicant a pre-stamped self-addressed envelope (Special Delivery).