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ETD: Emergency Travel Document

In case of theft or loss of the passport or any other travel document, San Marino citizens need  to follow the procedure below: 

On the basis of an agreement between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian diplomatic and consular missions can release also to San Marino citizens the Emergency Travel Document (ETD), intended for the EU citizens. 

The San Marino citizen needs to contact the Italian diplomatic and consular missions to get the ETD, submitting the following documentation:

  • Theft or lost report of the passport or any other travel document issued by the  local police; 
  • 2 photographs of the individual according to ICAO 9303 standard; 
  • ride ticket of the individual, if possible; 
  • appropriate payment of the cost of the printing procedure and of any shipping costs.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in San Marino will be promptly informed by the Italian offices, as a competent body for the emission of the authorisation for the issuing of the ETD to San Marino citizens. 

Further information can be requested by sending an email to dipartimentoaffariesteri@pa.sm

For emergencies, in late hours or in non-working days, you may call the Interforce Operations Centre at the following number: + 378 (0549) 888888.