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Consul Bragagni visited Museo Civico G. Fattori

Consul Bragagni, despite being in the process of recovery from last December’s surgery and its complications, visited Museo Civico G. Fattori in Livorno to explore the exhibition “Annigoni, painter of magnificent intellect”. This is the largest anthological exhibition dedicated to the famous painter, Pietro Annigoni. Tracing the artistic life of the great 20th-century Italian artist, this exhibition comprises more than 160 works, including the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which made him world-famous.

Being grateful to Queen Elizabeth II for having awarded him the OBE for voluntary political and business services, as well as honouring Her Majesty’s rich legacy by participating in the State Funeral ceremony in Westminster Abbey, Consul Bragagni wouldn’t miss this opportunity to visit this exhibition and admire Her Majesty’s portrait. 

This masterpiece was painted by Annigoni in 1954-1955 and has become a truly iconic image of the twentieth century.

Annigoni had throughout his life a special relationship with the city of Livorno and a passion for the sea, sailing,  fishing, and storms, as evidenced by numerous works displayed at this exhibition. He appreciated its people with their straightforward temperament, but also the richness of its cultural fabric animated by countless artistic and literary presences of high intellectual calibre.

Above all, however, he was attracted to and loved those expanses of the sea that opened up beyond the Medicean Port with their promises of infiniteness and freedom, to be breathed in deeply aboard his boat, the Bimba, an old fishing vessel that he sailed it like an experienced sailor.