Think Tank

The Consulate of San Marino’s Think Tank has a sole mission: To shed a light on democracy and freedom through the prism of the only surviving city-state and the oldest republic and democracy in the world- San Marino. 

As the US president Abraham Lincoln on May 7, 1861, mentioned: “Although your dominion is small, your State is nevertheless one of the most honored, in all history”. Yet, there so are many important and interesting facts about San Marino to be discovered by people.

San Marino is a parliamentary Republic with two Captain Regents (Heads of State) and a Parliament composed of 60 members. Recognizing the fact that the accumulation of power is very dangerous, in San Marino even the Two Captains regent are replaced every 6 months and no other authority has permanent power.

It inherited this model of state from the Roman Empire and San Marino has been recognized by UNESCO as an exceptional testimony to the institution of a representative democracy based upon civic autonomy and self-government, having been the capital city of an independent Republic since the 13th century with unique continuity and without interruptions.

San Marino remained free of the Napoleon invasion, neither did Nazis occupy it during WWII.  It remained forever a safe shelter for everyone fearing persecution on faith or beliefs or other grounds. During World War II, San Marino provided a safe shelter for more than 100,000 Italians and Jews from Nazi and Italian persecution.

We cordially invite admirers of San Marino, politicians, business leaders, academics, and researchers to join the Consulate of San Marino’s Think Tank to further elaborate issues of democracy and freedom in our contemporary world.