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Travel Smart. Save time at the airport with the VeriFLY app

Some airlines, for example, British airways for some routes, have partnered with the VeriFLY app as it is the quickest way to verify traveller’s COVID-19 travel documents, securely ahead of their journey. 

Please remember, it is the traveller’s responsibility to check and observe all the latest health and country entry requirements. 

To use the VeriFLY service, please take these quick steps to be travel-ready:

  • Please add your Advanced Passenger Information in Manage My Booking
  • Simply download the VeriFLY App to your iOS or Android device. 
  • Create an account, add your trip information and flight details to see the requirements. 
  • When inputting your name in VeriFLY, please enter the same first name(s) and last name as it appears in your booking
  • If you need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before departure, please upload the photo or file directly into the VeriFLY App
  • If you need to show proof of your vaccination status, please upload a full copy of your vaccine certificate into the VeriFLY App 
  • VeriFLY will verify your documents as soon as possible. You will receive an app notification and email with the results of your COVID-19 test or vaccination certificate review. This message will include details if more information is needed for verification. You’ll receive a green check mark when you’ve met the requirements, which you can use to pass through the airport with ease. 
  • Please bring printed or digital copies of your COVID-19 travel documents to the airport. You may be denied entry if you don’t provide the correct travel documents. 
  • Look out for dedicated VeriFLY check-in and fast track lanes.
  • We recommend downloading the VeriFLY App before starting your journey.

Using this third-party service is optional.