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Secretary of State, Lonfernini, visits Tratos factory in Tuscany

On March 12th, 2021, the Secretary of State for Works, Information and Sports of the Republic of San Marino, HE Mr Teodoro Lonfernini, visited the Tratos’s factory in Tuscany.

The visit was organised under the auspices of the Honorary Consul, Dr Maurizio Bragagni, who welcomed the distinguished guest and showed him how this factory is leading the innovation culture toward achieving sustainable growth.

The modern technology being used in this factory for a quite long time is contributing to delivering on Tratos’ mission to achieve high-quality social and environmental performance across all of its operations and increasing stakeholders’ awareness on the importnace of innovation in the surviaval of any bussinesses.

Secretary of State Lonfernini was particularly impressed by the management and development of the Tratos family business, which is now the second-largest producer of high-tech cables in the world. During the visit, he witnessed the production process based on innovation, energy and environmental sustainability. He said, “Tratos represents that concept of innovation through which possible collaborations can favour the technological and industrial development of San Marino, too”.

The visit of Secretary of State, Lonfernini, will help in the evaluation of future projects aimed at improving the San Marino economic system, as well as in exchanging the best practices and boosting the engagement of all stakeholders to create sustained mutual value in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.