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Covid-19 international travel restrictions

In order to contain the spread of COVID-19, authorities of the United Kingdom are imposing specific rules to enter and travel within the country.

Please make sure you are aware of and conform to the following regulations prior to your journey:

All passengers are required to take further PCR tests on 2nd and on 8th days of quarantine. You must have these tests booked prior to departure at https://quarantinehotels.ctmportal.co.uk/Quarantine/Home.aspx or privately and enter the test booking reference number when completing the online passenger locator form (PLF).

The test reference number should be listed in the “booking reference” section of the PLF under Day 2 and Day 8 testing questions for passengers who declare they have not been in a red-list country in the last 10 days. The accepted format of test reference numbers is [AAAAA00ABC….] (Five letters followed by a series of letters or numbers if booked with a private provider) or [0000000] (7 numeric digits only if booked at the ctmportal).

If correct booking reference numbers are not provided you will be refused travel.

The above information is true as 29 March 2021. Please check the UK government website quoted above before your date of travel to the UK.