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Cavaliere Uday Nayak receives the Order of Saint Agatha

The Republic of San Marino has recognised Cav Uday Nayak’s valuable contributions during the pandemic as well as the efforts to raise awareness about the extremely difficult situation San Marino was facing during the Covid-19 pandemic and has decided to award him the Knight of the Order of St Agatha.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Nayak, an Ambassador of the Esharelife Foundation, has proven to be a true friend in hardship times and has helped the Honorary Consulate of San Marino to raise awareness among the UK authorities to help San Marino during the pandemic.

Thanks to his worldwide connections, Cav  Nayak has helped the Consulate in London to find the transport routes and support the delivery of PPE, medicine and food to the Republic during the most difficult time for the Republic.

This reward recognises Cav Uday Nayak’s goodwill and contribution toward San Marino through his charitable & investment activities.

Cav Nayak received his award from HE Dr Luca Beccari, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, during a ceremony organised in London on 8th March 2022 on the occasion of the visit of Their Excellencies Mr Francesco Mussoni and Mr Giacomo Simoncini, the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino.