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COVID-19 Supermarkets’ Restrictions Updates

In these hard times we are passing through, when it comes to buying essential things, it is important to not panic. Even if the UK Government in cooperation with major supermarkets is making every effort to make sure everyone has access to food and essential items, please avoid panic buying.

All the supermarkets have dedicated slots 8 am – 9 am to serving elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers, as well as NHS and Social Care workers. Times and dates of these special services might vary accordingly to the single supermarket, click on this link for more info or visit the specific supermarket’s website. 

Generally speaking, more vulnerable customers will just need to show to staff their pass or ID when they visit. Supermarkets are doing their best to have essential items on the shelf for these customers. They will be working to keep shelves well-stocked and would encourage customers to arrive throughout the hour to prevent queues forming and to help everyone keep a safe distance.

To keep everyone safe, please do your best to stand one meter away and consider paying with debit/credit card rather than cash at tills.

All the major supermarkets offer home delivery. As advised by the Prime Minister, please do try this service, also it may appear there are no delivery slots available, we advise checking regularly the supermarkets’ websites since stock and delivery capacities change day by day.

It is good to know that Ubereats now offers free delivery to your home from many restaurants.

It is important to stay home as much as possible and to stay positive. With collective effort we can defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

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