Consul Maurizio Bragagni OBE received a letter from Prime Minister Rt Hon Boris Johson MP

It is of great significance that today on 5 September 2022, Consul Bragagni received a letter reply from the outgoing UK Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP.

This letter speaks about that special place that San Marino, being the oldest democracy in the world, has secured into the oldest and most consolidated monarchy in the world- the UK.

San Marino has always regarded the United Kingdom as a strategic partner. The cooperation between the two countries in international fora has been vivid and San Marino is looking forward to seeing this special relationship evolve and grow in the future.

San Marino hopes that the noble alliance with the old and traditional friend, the UK, will provide a solid foundation for the Republic to carry on and meet the current and future challenges of the time.

Consulate thanks the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP for this letter, which will encourage us to continue the dedicated work in progress to further consolidate and strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.