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Consul Bragagni reacted to an article published by The Economist

Consul Prof Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE wrote to The Economist editors expressing deep concern about a biased and misleading article on San Marino’s foreign policy.

Below is the text of the letter published by The Economist:

I want to address recent speculation regarding San Marino’s foreign policy (“A weak link”, April 27th). Misconceptions circulate about our nation’s position on various international matters, particularly concerning our relationship with Russia and our support for Ukraine. I want to emphasise that San Marino is an independent nation with its own foreign-policy principles. It has consistently demonstrated its commitment to upholding international law, promoting peace and supporting all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Ukraine.

San Marino has taken concrete action to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine and condemn Russia’s belligerence. We have unequivocally supported measures to counter Russian aggression, including voting in favour of sanctions against Russia and supporting initiatives to increase support for Ukraine, such as increased paid-in capital for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. San Marino has engaged in diplomatic efforts to tackle the crisis and has aligned itself with the European Union and other partners in calling for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

I want to assure you that San Marino remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting peace, stability and respect for the sovereignty of all nations.

Professor Maurizio Bragagni
Consul for San Marino