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Consul Bragagni met Pope Francis

Consul Bragagni had the privilege of recently meeting Pope Francis in the company of his beloved family members. After the meeting, he said “Meeting the Pope alongside my family was an incredibly personal and spiritual experience. It was also a reflection of the deep connections within a family business, which speaks to the strength of familial bonds and the shared commitment to both faith and business”.

Family and business are interconnected, and this extraordinary encounter with the Pope highlighted the synergy between one’s personal and professional lives. The values and principles that guide a family’s faith also underpin the way they conduct business. These shared values extend beyond the family circle, influencing interactions with employees, customers, and partners.

In the presence of the Pope, Bragagni’s family was reminded of the responsibility that comes with shared beliefs and the business they have built. It reinforced the idea that a family legacy is not just about profit but also about making a positive impact on the world, living by our convictions, and leaving a meaningful mark on society.

Meeting the Pope with the family, against the backdrop of business endeavours, underscored the holistic nature of our journey. It was a rare and cherished opportunity to blend faith, family, and business into a harmonious tapestry that reflects the essence of who we are as a family unit and contributors to the greater good.