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A Great Event of Recognition: Celebrating the Order of Saint Agatha

On March 21st, 2024, the Consulate of San Marino hosted a truly memorable event. We were honoured to celebrate the awarding of the Order of Saint Agatha at the rank “Commander” to His Excellency Ambassador Inigo Lambertini of the Republic of Italy to the UK.

San Marino boasts a rich history and a cherished tradition of recognising foreign citizens who have made significant contributions. The Order of Saint Agatha, bestowed upon individuals who have enriched the republic through charitable works, industry, or cultural exchange, exemplifies this tradition.

Consul Bragagni had the pleasure of organising the ceremony, graced by the presence of Her Excellency Ambassador Daniela Rotondaro of the Republic of San Marino to the Italian Republic. Carefully selected friends and colleagues, including members of the diplomatic corps and British nobility, further enriched the gathering.

Following Consul Bragagni’s welcoming address, Ambassador Rotandaro officially presented the medal to Ambassador Lambertini. On behalf of San Marino’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Dr. Luca Beccari, she thanked Ambassador Lambertini. She highlighted his instrumental role in strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries. She acknowledged Italy’s unwavering support, particularly during challenging times for San Marino.

Expressing his deep appreciation for this prestigious honour, Ambassador Lambertini reaffirmed his commitment to further solidify ties between San Marino and Italy through continued collaboration.

A delightful reception with champagne and light refreshments ended the ceremony. It provided an excellent opportunity for guests to elaborate further on the Order of Saint Agatha and friendship among the countries. This distinguished honour reminds us that contributions to San Marino extend far beyond grand political or military gestures. Above all, the Order of St Agatha recognises the dedication of individuals who, through their efforts in their field of expertise, have offered support to San Marino institutions and developed friendly relations with its people.