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Consul Bragagni participated in the 2024 Concordia Europe Summit

Established in 2011 and registered in the US as a nonprofit membership organisation, Concordia is a global convener of heads of state, government officials, C-suite executives, and leaders of nonprofit organisations, think tanks, and foundations. Its main goal is to find cross-sector solutions that address the most significant challenges of our time. It nurtures, enhances, and builds long-term partnership models that transform conversations into action and achieve positive social impact.

On 28-29 May 2024, Consul Bragagni, accompanied by Dr Paolo Rondelli, former Captain Regent of San Marino, attended the 2024 Concordia Europe Summit, held in Porto, Portugal. Aiming at filling a gap in diplomatic conversations shaping Europe and the role of the private sector, the 2024 Concordia Europe Summit brought together decision-makers from across the world.

Consul Bragagni took part in conversations focused on three key themes: 

  • The Energy Transition
  • Economic Growth & Competitiveness
  • Cooperation, Peace & Security

A thought-provoking event, the Summit leveraged different networks of business and social leaders, along with key government officials from around Europe and beyond, to forge critical connection points and foster a community of stakeholders to build regional unity in Europe. 

Many of the topics and themes explored during the 2024 Concordia Europe Summit will be revisited at the 2024 Concordia Annual Summit, taking place on September 23-25 2024 in New York City alongside the United Nations’ General Assembly.